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WIRELESS COMPETITION FLOURISHING, is sign FCC need not impose enhanced net neutrality rules, commenters tell FCC.

STAVRA AMENDMENTS EXPECTED ahead of markup. Bill will 'garner broad consensus,' Thune predicts.

FIRST-OF-KIND PSIP PLAN from cross-country move-in station raises incumbents' hackles.

PRO-706 GROUPS focus on alternatives to Title II, in replies.

LUTRON CONTINUES EFFORT to speak with third-party devices in connected home.

TELECOM NOTES: Sennheiser asks FCC to give wireless mics bigger chunk of 600 MHz spectrum following incentive auction ... House GOP memo airs myriad concerns with FCC management, process ahead of Wednesday hearing ... Blunt, Klobuchar introduce Caller ID Scam Prevention Act ... Google wants to test drones in New Mexico.

CHANNEL SHARING ARRANGEMENTS still seen as very challenging for public TV following KLCS, KCET deal.

MEDIA NOTES: Public TV urges revisions to broadcast incentive auction order ... Meredith stations deploy Rentrak TV viewing measurement tool ... Pai urges vote to repeal sports blackout rule at upcoming FCC meeting.

'NO CLEAR PATH' ON BIG DATA, Ramirez says at big data workshop. While FTC, Congress continue research, Brill calls on industry to conduct its own.

WIRELESS CHARGING TECHNOLOGY for Apple Watch doesn't shake up competitive market.

GOVERNMENT NOTES: Congressional Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus House co-chair, members request information on Home Depot data breach ... EFF's McSherry among witnesses at House Judiciary IP Subcommittee hearing Wednesday ... FISC reauthorizes Section 215 surveillance program ... Government requests for user information increased by 150 percent since 2009, says Google.

INDUSTRY NOTES: Authors United drafting letter, collecting signatures for Amazon's board ... PrivacyCheq releases short form, electronic privacy notice for banking companies ... Global e-commerce retail sales to reach $2 trillion by 2015, says Bigcommerce report ... Online consumer review platform TrustedCompany.com raises $1 million.

WIRELESS CHARGING TECHNOLOGY for Apple Watch doesn't shake up competitive market.

HOME CONTROL: Universal Remote fires back after Control4 purchase of Fresh Vegetables.

INDUSTRY NOTES: DisplayPort 1.3 is released, with 50 percent more bandwidth than earlier spec.

TRENDS: CEDIA Technology Council advises dealers to take advantage of iPhone opportunities.

DIGITAL IMAGING: Panasonic adds 4K Photo Mode in firmware update for Lumix camera.

ADS & PROMOTIONS: Panasonic giving away 4K Blu-ray player with 55-inch 4K TV purchase.

SMARTPHONES: Sprint announces Friday availability for LG G3 smartphone.

BROADBAND: Give wireless mics bigger chunk of 600 MHz spectrum after auction, Sennheiser urges FCC.


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