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AWS-3 PROCEDURES public notice released by FCC.

PAI, O'RIELLY SHARPLY criticize Grain order approved by FCC.

ADMINISTRATION, COBANK JOIN to create $10-billion fund to assist rural broadband infrastructure projects, among others.

HOUSE LAWMAKERS DIVIDED on whether Barton's LPTV bill would put snag in FCC incentive auction timeline.

OPEN SOURCE CODE for app developers provides data collection, use notification for consumers, follows NTIA-backed mobile privacy code of conduct.

STREAMING LATENCY ISSUES could affect startups, say Cogent, Level 3. Higher throughput means no settlement-free interconnection, analyst says.

NET NEUTRALITY based on Title II would hurt investments, face legal challenges, panelists say.

BUNDLING PETITION from Mediacom may find favor with Wheeler, but probably not soon, attorneys say.

FACIAL DETECTION, CATEGORIZATION definitions dominate NTIA-backed facial recognition code of conduct meeting.

TELECOM NOTES: Major cybersecurity bill could be headed to House vote ... Doyle questions whether House Communications Act update process is really bipartisan ... Chattanooga and Wilson, North Carolina, petition FCC to pre-empt state municipal broadband laws.


MEDIA NOTES: Gray Television will buy two ABC affiliates from SJL Holdings for $128 million ... MVPDs must file Form 396-C by Sept. 30 ... FCC should waive ban on DBS noncommerical channels, says Black Television News Channel and Florida A&M.

FTC DATA SECURITY investigations possibly 'flawed,' says Issa during House Oversight Committee hearing.

GOVERNMENT NOTES: Cybersecurity bill reported to House floor ... Unauthorized Internet streaming should be a felony, witnesses tell House committee.

INDUSTRY NOTES: Technical-support scammers hit with $5.1 million in default judgments.

SILICON IMAGE SCORES 'key design win' with MHL 3.0 chipset for first 4K phone from Chinese brand.

DATAVISION DOWNSIZES, joins Best Buy, P.C. Richard in new CE retail neighborhood in New York.

WEARABLES: Samsung sending mixed messages on its preferred OS for smart watches, says DisplaySearch blogger.

INDUSTRY NOTES: U.K.'s Digital TV Group honors four innovators with chance to showcase their wares at IBC show.

AUDIO: McIntosh Labs joins forces with DTS' Play-Fi for products due later this year.

SMARTPHONES: Qualcomm to speed its 'transition' to next-gen Mirasol displays, with focus on wearables.

BROADBAND: World Cup, Wimbledon made for BBC Sport's 'busiest digital month on record.'

COMPANIES: Ailing Hauppauge Digital hires investment firm to advise on its 'strategic alternatives.'

HOME CONTROL: German research team to present findings on data security in home automation systems.

RETAIL: Best Buy continued selling products well after their 2013 recalls, says Consumer Product Safety Commission.


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