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Consumer Electronics Daily is the nation's only daily report on this complex and rapidly changing business sector, from the people who in 1945 literally gave the consumer electronics industry its name. Our mission? To provide a more accurate, more timely, more convenient and less time-consuming source of consumer electronics news. Who should subscribe? Industry manufacturers, retailers, distributors and content providers, as well as analysts and policymakers.

Among issues we cover:

  • The technological, commercial and political implications of the new products, present and future, that are the CE industry's lifeblood.
  • Next-generation display technology, such as OLED TVs and ultra-thin LCD TVs with LED backlighting.
  • The emerging market for 3-D packaged media and TVs. Who'll be the winners and the losers?
  • Consumer electronics retailing developments, such as which chains and independents will benefit most from the demise of Circuit City and Tweeter.
  • The emergence of the National Broadband Plan and its implications for CE manufacturers and retailers.
  • Federal and state policy issues, such as the enactment of e-waste legislation and whether California's new TV energy-use limits will spell doom for large-screen TVs.
  • Will Blu-ray repeat or exceed DVD's success story, or will it be just another gizmo relegated to commodity pricing and little profit?

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Subscribers know...

"Consumer Electronics Daily covers the traffic accident called 'convergence' among information technology, consumer electronics, and media better than any other daily publication. It’s the first publication I read in the morning."

Jim Burger
Dow Lohnes PLLC

"Consumer Electronics Daily is the leading industry news source, which we rely on each day to be informed of the latest trends from media formats to FCC regulations. It provides not only excellent marketing information but also more technical details, which is ideal for product planning and engineering representatives. We depend on CED to get us the news first."

—Angela Flynn
Director - OEM Marketing
Clarion Corporation of America

" CE Daily is helpful in tracking emerging trends in the interactive entertainment market.

—Arvind Bhatia
Senior VP, Equity Analyst
SWS Securities

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