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Keep Abreast of What's Happening at the State Level with the State Telephone Regulation Report

State activity is more important than ever

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       State legislation… PUC regulation… state and federal district court decisions… If it's happening on the state level, State Telephone Regulation Reportyou'll read about it in the State Telephone Regulation Report.  Every two weeks STRR brings you a comprehensive report on major telecom developments that could affect your strategy -- and your bottom line.

       In 18 to 22 comprehensive pages, STRR makes it easy for you to stay informed on telecom legislation, regulation and court actions in all 50 states.  Every issue is filled with essential news and analysis you won't find anywhere else.  And you'll want to keep our exclusive state-by-state legislative and regulatory summary tables where you can consult them often.

       Keep abreast of:

  • What's happening with UNE regulation across the nation
  • What the key players are doing to win market share in states open to competition
  • Challenges by the FCC and other federal authorities that affect competition
  • Status reports on CLEC authorization
  • New growth opportunities
  • State by state trends and patterns that will help you make critical business decisions
  • What the key movers and shakers are doing and where they are going

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