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Washington Internet Daily will give you the earliest possible opportunity to shape the rule-setting process on Capitol Hill, at the FCC and elsewhere as it affects the Internet -- and your business.

What do we cover? Areas include:

• Privacy and other First Amendment
• Domain name issues
• Internet fraud and malware policy

• Network Neutrality
• Intellectual property and copyright
• Internet taxation and access charges
• E-commerce regulation
• State and local actions
• Antitrust and SEC matters
• And more!

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What Our Readers Are Saying

"The comprehensive and timely coverage of technology policy issues in Washington Internet Daily is essential reading for all companies, trade association, think tanks and advocates involved in this space."

Mark MacCarthy
VP, Public Policy
Software and Information Industry Association


"Washington Internet Daily is an indispensable source of information regarding public policy and IT, specifically with regards to its emphasis on information security issues. WID always, always manages to capture information that can't be found in any other publication, particularly with its inclusion of what's going on at the international level. WID has the perfect mix of coverage of business, government agencies, non-government entities and public policy that makes it well worth the subscription."

Cris Paden
Sr. Manager, Corporate Public Relations

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